May 21, 2013

Stacey David's Sgt. Rock Exhaust & Headers

Stainless Works was pumped to be invited to be a part of Stacey David's Sgt. Rock monster car build! We built custom headers for this beast! >Now that Sgt. Rock has left the building, we're happy to share the entire timeline of our work on this project in this photo timeline!

To move a big truck, you need an even bigger truck 
Up and at 'em Sgt. Rock, we're here!

These tires are just temporary while we work on Sgt. Rock in our shop,
it's going to sit on the biggest DOT approved tire out there.
The interco IROK stands 50 inches tall and 21 inches wide!
Sorry, these spare tires won't fit in the trunk of your grocery-getter!

Stacey David said the direction of the buildup is basically
40's style Hot Rod meets a big, lifted military truck.
This is going to be a fun exhaust build,
can't wait to show everyone the progress and final result!
The truck's paint color is very cool (Sgt. Rock Metallic),
and there is some great artwork on it too.
A rough mock-up of Sgt. Rock's passenger side header,
now we'll get this bad boy to our CMM (coordinate-measuring machine)
and gather data to bend some final pipes.
Vinnie gets started designing Sgt. Rock's driver side with the collector location.
No lift required when working underneath this truck!
Sgt. Rock header rough mock-up construction underway!
Tony uses our CMM (coordinate-measuring machine) on the mocked-up headers:
the data gathered will then be used to bend the final tubes that will go on Sgt. Rock.
Sgt. Rock's passenger-side header is coming along...
Another angle of the progress of Sgt. Rock's passenger-side header.
The finished passenger side header on Sgt. Rock.
Detail of the completed driver side header on Sgt. Rock.

A look at the completed headers on Sgt. Rock.
Sgt. Rock's headers are complete! Here he is in all his glory!
It was a fun project and now Sgt. Rock is headed back home,
can't wait to see this truck finished up!
A last look at Sgt. Rock before he heads home,
it was very cool to work with Stacey David on this project!

Thanks to Stacey David for bringing us on board and recognizing our Stainless Steel Headers as the best in the business!


  1. When do we see all of this on TV?

    1. Stacey said it will be featured on an episode later this 2013 season, we'll keep you posted and add it to our site, facebook etc. Thanks for checking it out.