May 21, 2013

Stacey David's Sgt. Rock Exhaust & Headers

Stainless Works was pumped to be invited to be a part of Stacey David's Sgt. Rock monster car build! We built custom headers for this beast! >Now that Sgt. Rock has left the building, we're happy to share the entire timeline of our work on this project in this photo timeline!

To move a big truck, you need an even bigger truck 
Up and at 'em Sgt. Rock, we're here!

These tires are just temporary while we work on Sgt. Rock in our shop,
it's going to sit on the biggest DOT approved tire out there.
The interco IROK stands 50 inches tall and 21 inches wide!
Sorry, these spare tires won't fit in the trunk of your grocery-getter!

Stacey David said the direction of the buildup is basically
40's style Hot Rod meets a big, lifted military truck.
This is going to be a fun exhaust build,
can't wait to show everyone the progress and final result!
The truck's paint color is very cool (Sgt. Rock Metallic),
and there is some great artwork on it too.
A rough mock-up of Sgt. Rock's passenger side header,
now we'll get this bad boy to our CMM (coordinate-measuring machine)
and gather data to bend some final pipes.
Vinnie gets started designing Sgt. Rock's driver side with the collector location.
No lift required when working underneath this truck!
Sgt. Rock header rough mock-up construction underway!
Tony uses our CMM (coordinate-measuring machine) on the mocked-up headers:
the data gathered will then be used to bend the final tubes that will go on Sgt. Rock.
Sgt. Rock's passenger-side header is coming along...
Another angle of the progress of Sgt. Rock's passenger-side header.
The finished passenger side header on Sgt. Rock.
Detail of the completed driver side header on Sgt. Rock.

A look at the completed headers on Sgt. Rock.
Sgt. Rock's headers are complete! Here he is in all his glory!
It was a fun project and now Sgt. Rock is headed back home,
can't wait to see this truck finished up!
A last look at Sgt. Rock before he heads home,
it was very cool to work with Stacey David on this project!

Thanks to Stacey David for bringing us on board and recognizing our Stainless Steel Headers as the best in the business!

September 11, 2012

Ford Mustang Before and After SW

2011+ Ford Mustang
GT 5.0L COYOTE headers and exhaust

Stainless steel headers with 1-7/8" primaries, 3" X-Pipe, 3" lead-pipes. This system replaces the factory manifolds, catalytic converters and H-Pipe with a superior performing lifetime guaranteed bolt-on system.

Stainless steel 3" dual catback exhaust with retro-chambered (chambered-round) mufflers and 4" mirror polished slash-cut conical double wall tips. Includes hangers and clamps and mates to factory connection point. This lifetime guaranteed stainless steel system saves 41 lbs. over the stock exhaust system. 

Stainless Works performance exhausts and headers are proudly made in the USA and come with a lifetime warranty. So what are you waiting for? Order online at or call us toll free at: 800.878.3635

August 22, 2012

FSC Articles September

As seen in the September 2012 (Vol 12) issue of FSC: Magazine, our own George Rumore of Stainless Works was mentioned. He assisted racer Bill Lutz who was featured in the below articles. Good work helping him out, George!

Key Ingredients
Though the header issues were the biggest problem that needed solving on Bill Lutz' '69 Camaro, they weren't the only thing keeping him from the winner's circle. A race car is a complicated thing and getting this one back up to speed involved a lot of smaller tweaks that wound up making a big difference. At Atlanta, Lutz dropped a valve in qualifying and soon found that he had three more ready to do the same thing. With the valve problem solved and the headers repaired (including some work by Jeff Lutz before the two met in the final), the car was obviously running well. But there were also some less-obvious factors at work. 
"Hank Hill scaled it and moved some things around on the chassis," Lutz said. "We added NACA ducts for the turbo and we also moved the wastegates to where they exit outside the car. I think it's a lot of little things that made the car run the way it did."

Under Pressure: Lutz Roars Back with MIR Victory
B&M Top Qualifier: Bill Lutz 5.978 @ 247.43

Two races into the 2012 Kooks Pro Street season, Bill Lutz was nowhere near where he'd expected to be. After a promising charge to close out 2011, Lutz had high hopes for 2012, but mechanical issues affected the health of the car during the first two races. At Maryland International Raceway, however, both were back to full health.  
"I'd noticed that I'd been getting more fumes in the car than normal, then it got to the point that I actually thought I had carbon monoxide poisoning," Lutz explained. "I sent the headers up to George Rumore at Stainless Works and they found that the headers were broken in places you just couldn't see. That was where the performance went." 
 The performance was back in full fore at MIR. Lutz got off to a dominant start in qualifying, resetting both ends of the class record with a 5.978/247.43 mph blast Saturday night. Points leader Chris Rini was next up with a 6.025/234.49, followed by Jeff Lutz with a 6.216/236.17. Josh Green, finally over his early-season transmission issues, took fourth with a 6.70/204.98. Chassis builder Steve Drummond showed up on Saturday and put his turbo Mustang into the show with a conservative 6.819 at 204.98. Local legend Tommy Gray rounded out the field with his familiar "Undertaker" GTO despite a rough time in qualifying. 
Sunday's eliminations began with Jeff Lutz and Green squaring off in what turned out to be the best race of the round. J. Lutz took the win with a 6.344/239.78 in his turbo machine, while Green ran a 6.777/202.48 that, considering the team's struggles to date, had to be somewhat encouraging. The next pair saw Drummond score the upset o fthe weekend when Rini's '69 Camaro broke a rear end, then Bill Lutz closed it out with a bye run when Gray didn't make the call to the starting line. 
In round two, Jeff Lutz got an easy win when Drummond didn't make it to the line, while Bill Lutz got an even easier win with a competition bye. Jeff got lane choice with a 6.361/237.93, while Bill made a hit, shut it off and saved it for the final round.
In the final round battle of guys named Lutz driving turbocharged '69 Camaros, the guy from Ohio in the blue car equipped with Garrett turbos drove around the guy from Pennsylvania in the orange car equipped with Precision turbos and took the win with a 6.095/241.37. 
"We had it set up to go somewhere between and .05 and a .00, because Jeff's car had been getting steadily faster each round," B. Lutz explained. "It shook a little bit around 500 feet, so I did a quick pedal job and it ended up going an .09. We were extremely happy to get our first Pro Street win. We'd won many in Super Street, but Pro Street's been a little tougher with the competitors we have out there." 
Written by: Jon Paulette. Behind the Lens: The FSC Staff. Emphasis ours.

For more information, please visit the FSC Site: !

August 14, 2012

Mercury Marauder System in Action!

Stainless Works performance exhaust and headers for the 2003-2004 Mercury Marauder 4.6 Liter 4-valve. Featuring turbo-chambered mufflers, our stainless steel catback and 1-5/8" headers create unmatched sound and performance.

Choose a factory fit exhaust, or go for our full True-Dual Performance Connect, complete with Stainless Works headers and exhaust. Our 304 stainless steel, mandrel-bent, systems will give your Mercury Marauder the edge you've been looking for.
Stainless Works performance exhausts and headers are proudly made in the USA and come with a lifetime warranty. Order online at or call us toll free at: 800.878.3635

August 8, 2012

Dream Car Garage Featuring Stainless Works

Stainless Works is proud to be a part of Dream Car Garage's WD40 Challenger Project Car, as seen on the 2011 season! The build includes our Dodge Challenger SRT8 6.1L/6.4L 2008-12 Exhaust system. Info from Dream Car Garage's WD40 Challenger information page:
WD40 commissioned Legendary Motorcar to modify a 2011 Challenger SRT 392 ci to be used in promoting the Canadian Tire Jump start Charity. The car was modified with side exhaust from Stainlessworks, new wheels from Forgeline Wheels, Pirelli P-Zero rubber, new TA hood from Cervinis, spring lowering kit from Eibach with matching dampers from Koni, and new brakes from StopTech and of-course a custom paint design from Legendary Motorcar.

 Dream Car Garage was kind enough to share with us a video clip from the show of the installation of the exhaust! Enjoy:

Want your SRT to sound like this? Does it need a little something extra? Check out all we offer for the '08-2012 Challenger!